Quake Champions Closed Beta Invites Are Being Sent

The first batch of Quake Champions beta invites has left Bethesda HQ via carrier pigeons, and should be arriving quickly to the doors of the chosen ones. It will allow them to play a chunk of the game for a limited time, and help developers test the network infrastructure in the process. If you’ve signed up, make sure to check out your inbox, as well as the spam folder.

quake champions closed beta invites being sent
Quake Champions closed beta

The news comes via a tweet from the official Quake Champions twitter account. Another tweet suggests they’re going to be sending more, so don’t despair if you haven’t received one already – there’s still a chance you will. The beta is scheduled to take place during the weekend of April 6th – 9th.

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Once you get the code, you’ll have to redeem it on Bethesda’s website (you’ll need an account for that, of course). Then you’ll have to download the Bethesda.net launcher, and use that to install the game. Make sure you have enough free space on the partition you install the client on – it seems to download the game there first, then transfers it to the location you specified. Since it is a closed beta, you’re not allowed to stream or record it, or even talk about it outside the designated area.

The trailers have left us feeling hopeful – it looks like a lot like a proper Quake game from way back when, even if some things seem to be a bit weird. The abilities may provide additional depth to the game, but they also may turn out to be fluff that distracts from the core and adds nothing. Only time will tell…

There’s no release date for Quake Champions yet – hopefully it’ll have an open beta before launch, to allow everyone interested enough to give it a go.

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