Rage 2 Official Gameplay Trailer Released by Bethesda

Bethesda has revealed the official gameplay trailer for Rage 2, the new brain child from Avalanche Studios and ID Software. The video gives a backstory to the universe of Rage 2, and, appropriately, some of the gameplay. Just based off of the video, the game looks like an awesome amount of fun.

Rage 2 Official Gameplay Trailer Released by Bethesda
Rage 2 Official Gameplay Trailer Released by Bethesda

Ever wanted to play a game that seems like a cross between Quake 3, Fallout, and Mad Max: Fury Road? Of course you did. Apparently, ID Software and Avalanche Studios have heard your unspoken prayers, and decided to answer them with Rage 2. The official announcement of the game came a day or two ago, but all we got then was a live-action trailer. Now, Bethesda has released a frantic gameplay trailer for Rage 2, which you can check out below.

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The video starts off in a very somber way. The voiceover tells us that a giant asteroid struck Earth (in 2185, according to the video description), wiping out a significant chunk of the world’s population. The survivors banded together in different tribes, all of whom have a very specific look to them. If you watch the video closely, you’ll see that the designs and behavior of the different tribes carries a lot of visual storytelling, which to me is very commendable. And then “Party til You Puke” by Andrew W.K. kicks in, and the madness ensues. Monster trucks, crazy weapons, high-octane, fast-paced FPS action, and giant mutants, all in a wide-open world; everything you could possibly want. It’s awesome. The video description also reveals that we’ll be taking the role of Walker, the last Ranger, who was betrayed and left for dead. Now, the mission is to take the fight to the oppressive Authority and and their rule.

So far, there is no set launch date for Rage 2. All we know is that it will come out some time next year, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. With that said, E3 is creeping ever closer, so keep your ears to the ground for further details about the game. Judging solely by the trailer, the game looks awesome, but I’m not gonna get ahead of myself.

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