Rainbow Six Siege Jackal Operator Announced, Coming Soon

Ubisoft have revealed the first of the two operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the upcoming content update. Operation Velvet Shell is going to introduce the Jackal to the roster. He’s a tracker, and he’s obviously going to give the meta a good shaking.

The Jackal hails from Spain, and he’s a “specialist of difficult terrains”, according to the official spiel. He comes equipped with a gadget that lets him see others’ footsteps. The comments on the trailer are already full of furious players who expect this to become too much of an advantage for the Jackal’s side. More level-headed fans, on the other hand, expect the other side to get an operator with the ability to hide the tracks (by wiping the footprints, for example).

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There’s obviously still not enough info to pass judgement. Luckily, Ubisoft have planned to reveal more during a livestream panel at the Six Invitational event. The event itself will be taking place from February 3rd to February 5th, with only the first day going without any DLC info. We’ll get to see two panels on the first day, one discussing the new operators, the other focused on the new map and features. On the third day, they’ll stream a live demo of the game.

The new map will be free for everyone, will the operators will have to be purchased. If you have a season pass for the second year, you’ll automatically unlock them when the update launches. If not, you’ll have to wait a bit before you can buy them.

After a somewhat rocky and lukewarm launch, Rainbow Six Siege found its groove and now fosters a healthy community of players. Ubisoft keeps pushing out content updates for the game. They’ve planned four DLCs for this season, with Operation Velvet Shell being the first. There’s no firm release date for it yet.

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