The Red Strings Club Preparing to Launch On January 22nd

The Red Strings Club, the upcoming point & click adventure from Deconstructeam, is going to be released on January 22nd. It’s ostensibly about serving drinks, dialing numbers on a phone and sculpting obscene shapes out of clay. It’s also about other, more inconsequential things, like people and their feelings, large scale conspiracies and brainwashing. All that kinda fades in comparison with sculpting vulgarities and eavesdropping while mixing fancy cocktails, though.

red strings club release date announced
The Red Strings Club Preparing to Launch On January 22nd

If you’re familiar with the team’s output, you might notice some of these were already explored at least a little in several jam games – Zen and The Art of Transhumanism lets you play with clay, while Supercontinent Ltd is all about dialing numbers. They’re both deeply narrative experiences, and giving them a go should help you make up your mind about the Red Strings Club. It seems like it’ll be much more than the sum of these two, but they should give you a feel for the writing. After all, that’s what’s most important here – the developers aren’t even calling it a game, but a “cyberpunk narrative experience” instead.

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The Red Strings Club takes place in a universe on the brink on becoming the Brave New World – a megacorp is about to release a system that will completely eliminate all negative feelings, like fear, anxiety, anger and such. You’ll get to play as several character, all of them not really happy with the idea of government-sanctioned feelings – a bartender, a hacker and a rogue empathy android. As these three unlikely heroes, you’ll bring the house down and help humanity keep its nasty human states of mind.

If you love crispy pixel art, rainy nights, depressing stories about oppressed youths in the not-so-distant future and LOTS AND LOTS OF NEON, you’ll probably want to keep your eyes out for this one.

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