Rock Band 4 New DLC Tracks Revealed by Harmonix

Harmonix has announced two new DLC tracks for Rock Band 4 this July. They’ve chosen some pretty heavy hitters for this month; one returning favorite and one fairly recent song that is a new classic in the making. The two songs are Down With The Sickness by Disturbed and Cirice by Ghost. The songs cost $1.99 each, and they’re available for purchase right now.

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Rock Band 4 New DLC Tracks Revealed by Harmonix
Rock Band 4 New DLC Tracks Revealed by Harmonix

The first two new DLC tracks for Rock Band 4 have been announced by Harmonix. Both songs are pretty heavy, so fans of softer stuff might be giving this one a pass. The tracks are already available for purchase for $1.99 a piece, which is the usual price for Rock Band tracks.

First up, there’s Down with the Sickness by Disturbed, probably more commonly known as “that OOOH-AH-AH-AH-AH song that people like to do at karaoke”. The song has been featured in Rock Band before; specifically, in Rock Band 2 and Rock Band VR. Joking aside, Down With The Sickness was a huge hit in its time, becoming Disturbed’s first platinum single, while the album it was from became 4x Platinum. In the game, the main riffs are focused mostly around the yellow button, while the drum patterns are pretty tom-heavy.

The second song, Cirice, is one of my favorite songs of all time, written by Ghost, which is one of my favorite bands. The song comes from their last album, Meliora, and it earned the band their first Grammy in 2016. This song is slower than the other one, much moodier and more doomy. And so overly satanic, as is only appropriate for a band spearheaded by his unholiness Papa Emeritus III. Honestly, I was expecting to see Square Hammer in the game, but since Cirice is the award winner, I guess this makes more sense.

You can check out snippets of both songs in action in the video below. Rock on! \m/

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