Rocket League Tournaments Update 1.43 Adds Quality Mode for Switch

Rocket League got yet another update, full of new bits of content and pretty useful features. The Nintendo Switch version is getting video capture, as well as Performance and Quality Mode. Other new features include making your custom tournaments, Chat Bans, and so on.

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Rocket League Tournaments Update 1.43 Adds Quality Mode for Switch
Rocket League Tournaments Update 1.43 Adds Quality Mode for Switch

Psyonix has prepared yet another update for Rocket League. It adds some new content, such as several country flags and a crate. However, the update also brings a few cool new features. For example, you’ll now be able to create your own tournament, or join a different custom tournament. Also, Quality Connection Status icons will now pop up in the HUD if a player is having connection issues. Plus, the Chat Ban. You’ll have the option to ban a player from sending any chat messages in online play. Or, get the ban yourself, of course.

Nintendo Switch players have a special little something just for them. You are getting video capture, and also Performance and Quality Mode. In Performance Mode, the game will run in 60 fps. When docked, it should run at 900p, or 720p in handheld mode. Quality Mode runs at 30 fps, but the graphics get pumped up. When docked, the game should run at 1080p, or 720p in handheld mode. Plus, Quality Mode automatically turns on a number of graphic features to enhance the visuals. This includes light shafts, dynamic shadows, lens flares, and depth of field. So, it’s a toss up between smoother gameplay or enhanced visuals. I’m sure you know which you prefer.

On top of all of the extra content and features, there’s also a list of bug fixes. We’re not going to list everything here, because the patch notes are pretty long. If you want to check out the full list, head over to the Rocket League website.

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