Rogue Company Gameplay Reveal Trailer Released

Rogue Company is the debut game from First Watch Games; “a band of Hi-Rez Studios developers and industry veterans with experience working on some of gaming’s most famous and successful shooters.” The game is a third-person team shooter with wacky characters that all have their special abilities. The developers have released a gameplay trailer for Rogue Company, which shows you everything you need to know.

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Rogue Company Gameplay Reveal Trailer Released
Rogue Company Gameplay Reveal Trailer Released

So, what exactly is Rogue Company? Well, as far as I can tell based on the gameplay trailer, it’s a third-person multiplayer team shooter that looks like somebody put Fortnite and Overwatch into a blender. The whole idea seems to be to make a shooter that has memorable, silly characters, and that’s available to players across all platforms to play together. Yes, the built-in crossplay is one of the major selling points of the game.

The basic gist of Rogue Company is that they are a vigilante group that take on “million dollar contracts from governments and special interests” to stop whatever threats nobody else can handle. Fair enough. And seeing how the game is in the alpha stage, the roster of characters, modes, weapons and gadgets are only going to increase. Personally, I feel like this game seems kind of generic, but that’s just me. And besides, who knows what it’s going to evolve into eventually? It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you like games like these.

So, there you have it. If you want to see Rogue Company in action, you can check out the gameplay reveal trailer below. And, if you like what you’re seeing, you can sign up for the alpha on the game’s website. Rogue Company currently does not have a specific launch date, but we do have a release window: Summer 2020, all being well. It’ll be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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