Roguelite Goblin Stone to Release on Steam and MacOS

Goblin Stone is an award-winning roguelite in which you play as – you guessed it – goblins. One of the humblest fantasy creatures, goblins are typically depicted either as scheming and bloodthirsty, or as bumbling and incompetent tricksters. Goblin Stone aims to change this, as this time around, human adventurers are the real baddies here. Goblins just want to be able to peacefully live their lives without scores of adventurers constantly raiding and killing them for easy loot and XP. The good news is that we will be able to help the Goblins defend themselves as the game is releasing soon – on Steam, Epic Game Store, and MacOS. Here’s when you’ll get to play it.

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Roguelite Goblin Stone to Release on Steam and MacOS
Roguelite Goblin Stone to Release on Steam and MacOS

When is the Goblin Stone Steam, Epic, and MacOS Release Date?

Goblin Stone is set to release on Steam, Epic Game Store, and MacOS this March 12th, 2024. It is going to be priced at $24.99, and you can wishlist it over on Steam. There are many game systems that you are going to need to interact with in order to keep your precious Goblins safe and sound. This includes features such as engaging tactical turn-based combat, exploring a big procedurally-generated world, building the best goblin lair, and even breeding goblins to ensure future generations will have the finest genetic stock available.

with nine classes to choose from: Peon, Guard, Raider, Hunter, Bandit, Acolyte, Shaman, Mystic, and Warlock, you will have plenty of options on how to assemble the ultimate Goblin defense (and attack) force in all of fantasy. With narration by voice actor James Smillie and music composed by Peter McConnell (best known for his work on games such as Hearthstone, Psychonauts, and Monkey Island), Goblin Stone promises to be a fun and whimsical roguelite with hours upon hours of replayability. You can watch the trailer below:

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