Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Starting on January 24th

Sea of Thieves, the upcoming corsair-em-up from the folks at Rare, is going to have a closed beta near the end of the month. Testing will start on January 24th, and last until January 29th. During that time, those who’ve preordered (and a handful of lucky people drawn from a hat) will get to play a portion of the game and see if it’s any good.

sea of thieves closed beta january
Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Starting on January 24th

The beta will begin on January 24th at 12 PM GMT (7 AM EST, 4 AM PST, 1 PM CET), while the ending date is set for January 29th, at 8 AM GMT (3 AM EST, 12 AM PST, 9 AM CET). If you’ve subscribed to Rare’s newsletter before December 1st 2017, you could be one of the lucky invitees who get to try the beta out for free. If not, you’ll have to buy a copy before you can play (and see whether it’s worth buying a copy).

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If you’ve bought it already, it’ll show up in your account about 24 hours before the beta starts. If you’re of the rare breed that buys physical copies, you’ll need to redeem the code for the Black Dog cosmetic pack – the one on the leaflet. This will allow you to play the beta, and add the items from the pack once the full game is live.

If you’re wondering what will be available in the beta, well… keep wondering. All Rare was willing to say is that it’s going to be a “bespoke experience”, pretending that’s a phrase that actually means something. It’s not going to be the full game, but what it will be remains a mystery. What’s really important (for the publisher and developers, and to some extent you, too) is that you’ll be able to stream and record as much as you’d like during the beta.

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