Sea of Thieves Gameplay Launch Trailer Releases the Kraken

A new trailer for Sea of Thieves is out. The video is a gameplay launch trailer, and it looks awesome. It shows off several different elements of the gameplay, including swordfights, ship-on-ship combat, and the different cosmetic items for the characters and ships. At the end of the trailer, even the Kraken makes a grand appearance. The game comes out in a couple of days, and it will only be available on PC and Xbox.

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Sea of Thieves Gameplay Launch Trailer Releases the Kraken
Sea of Thieves Gameplay Launch Trailer Releases the Kraken

Sea of Thieves might be a few days away from launch still, but that didn’t deter them from putting up a gameplay launch trailer. And, oh my god, yes please. The game seems like absolutely everything I ever wanted from a pirate game. And the trailer does an excellent job of selling Sea of Thieves. It shows us a lot of what the game has to offer. The video cycles through a lot of different cosmetic items for both the ship and our characters, as well as elements of gameplay. And, as a cherry on top, a grand entrance of the Kraken itself.

As far as the gameplay portion of the trailer, there isn’t too much of it, but what’s there really paints a good picture. Most importantly, it reflects the humor of Sea of Thieves. The game really can get pretty funny, especially when you come across other players that are just having fun. Of course, let’s not forget the armies of skeletons and other threats that the high seas hold. And, did I mention the Kraken? Good lord, that looks terrifying.

Sea of Thieves is coming out on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018, on Xbox and PC. So, mark your calendars, and get ready to set sail, you scurvy dogs! In the meantime, you can check out the launch trailer for Sea of Thieves below.

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