Sonic Forces To Let You Play As Custom Character

Sega have published a new trailer for Sonic Forces. It showcases the custom hero feature, an actual new thing coming to the series for the first time in god knows how long. It will allow you to create and use your own Sonic character in the game.

sonic forces custom character
Sonic Forces Custom character

It might sound like a silly, little thing from an outsider’s perspective, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. The Sonic community has a penchant for fan fiction, and letting them express themselves this way is sure to win their favor. There are hundreds of fan-made characters just waiting to be given life in the new game.

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And the customization system seems great. You’ll get to choose one of seven animal types when you create your character, and each of them will have some unique skills – hedgehog, wolf, cat, dog, bear, rabbit and bird. The trailer shows there are 3 slots for headgear alone – upper (hats), middle (glasses) and low (presumably bandanas, necklaces and such). Aside from that, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of gloves, clothing items, footwear and accessories. You’ll also get to pick the color of your character, naturally.

As far as abilities are concerned, we’ve only seen the grappling hook and flamethrower in action, and both work exactly as you’d expect them to. There’s also a part of the video where the custom character triple-jumps, which could easily be attributed to a jetpack. The video promises “cool gadgets”, but we’ve yet to see more of them. If only Sega would add the option to export and import original characters, so that players could share them… now that would be something.

Sonic Forces will be released during the holidays season of 2017. It’s coming to PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There’s no specific release date yet, and no mentions of the price.

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