Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta Underway on Steam

Stardew Valley is so close to getting multiplayer support we can almost smell the manure. It’s been close for months, in sight but out of reach. Now it’s finally within reach. Well, at least for some. Steam users can now opt into the multiplayer beta and give it a go. The GOG version will be updated with the stuff in a few days, according to a post on the official blog.

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stardew valley mutliplayer
Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta Underway on Steam

If you want to try it out, you should check out the post, as it contains detailed instructions. It’s a beta, so it’s worth pointing out not everything’s going to work as well as you’d like. You should definitely back up your saves before you jump into any coop shenanigans. You’ll also need to remove any mods you may be using – at least those that haven’t been updated to work with version 1.3.

You can use an old save file, or start a new game specifically for co-op. In order to invite players onto your farm, you’ll need to build each of them a cabin. You can have up to three, and they’re cheap – you’ll need 100 gold, 10 stone and enough free space to build it. If you’re starting over with a new farm, you can choose to have it come with pre-built cabins.

The only thing left afterwards is for your farmhand buddies to join. For now, that can be done through the Steam friends list, or by using invite codes. The latter will allow cross play between Steam and GOG, once both versions are live. There’s also a third way, but it requires you to be on the same network. You’ll all share the same farm, wallet and world state, but you’ll also have separate inventories, skills and NPC relationships. And yes, you can marry your friends.

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