Starpoint Gemini 3 Beta Gets New Major Update

LGM Games, the lovely people behind the Starpoint Gemini franchise, have released a huge new update for their early access baby, Starpoint Gemini 3. They’ve added a ton of brand new content, as well as given a fresh coat of paint and polish to the stuff that was already there. This does mean that your old save won’t work, but given the things they’ve added, might as well start over to see it all.

Starpoint Gemini 3 Beta Gets New Major Update
Starpoint Gemini 3 Beta Gets New Major Update

It’s been a bit since we and the Starpoint Gemini 3 heard much from the devs, Croatian studio LGM Games. There’s a good reason for that; as it turns out, they’ve been working on a huge update for the game, which basically overhauls the whole thing. Aside from the complete visual change to the protagonist, there are also brand new places to visit, areas to explore, NPCs to meet, and more. They even tout that completing missions is going to start changing your character’s personality, which will become more and more prominent in later (currently unavailable) missions.

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You can find the full list of changes in the official post announcing the update; they are simply too numerous for us to mention them all. So let’s do a quick rundown of some of the more interesting stuff, shall we? Well, right of the bat, the first bits of the campaign that you might have already played through have gotten a lovely face-lift, which the devs are going to continue to do until the end of development – polishing already existing content to perfection as they go.

There’s also brand new mechanics for anti capital ship combat, which will have weak points for you to target. Also, your ADAH drone can now fight enemy drones, as well as find and gather loot on away missions. You can also expect huge changes to the UI, the loot reward system, as well as “lots of events, encounters, between-faction events” etc. The only major drawback to this update is that you won’t be able to use your old saves anymore. It sucks, but it has to be done. It’s not the first early access game to do this, after all.

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