Starpoint Gemini 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Space Combat

There’s a new trailer for Starpoint Gemini 3, the space exploration and combat game from Little Green Men Games. The video shows off various ships, different planets and other celestial bodies, as well as the combat mechanics. If you’ve been following the game’s development, you’ll probably enjoy the changes made between the previous version and this one.

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starpoint gemini 3 gameplay trailer
Starpoint Gemini 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Space Combat

There’s a space bar to drink space beer in! And play space darts, eat space peanuts and complain to the space bartender about your space problems. That’s where you’ll meet all those characters with unique personalities, quest lines and faction affiliations the developers have promised.

The trailer focuses on space, and we can see glimpses of several different planets, but the bar is the only interior we’ve seen apart from the ship’s cockpit. They’ve also shown off a bunch of ships with different weapons and abilities. As much as there may be stuff to do beside the dogfights, let’s not kid ourselves – it’s all about the dogfights. The combat system allows for mod-combat weapon switching, which means you can adapt your approach to the problem at hand without going to the nearest space station.

The upgrade system for the ship is going to be highly detailed, allowing you to change out components and mix different designs. Combat will also be affected by the pilot’s skills, which are going to boost the ship’s performance. They’ve even mentioned drones that can be used to explore space structures that are out of reach.

If you’re in it for the story, you might be happy to hear it’s being written by Darko Macan, a comic book writer who dabbled in Star Wars and Marvel stuff. Presumably, he’s going to be responsible for the various quests, stories and other tidbits that break up the monotony of deep space travel.

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