Stream.Me PUBG Invitational Tournament Announced for Spring

If you’re looking for a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds tournament to watch, you’re in luck – have announced an invitational that’s going to take place over four days in March and early April. It’s going to feature teams from North America and Europe, competing in two distinct brackets, and it’s going to be streamed exclusively on (you guessed it) If the things you’ve read have left you confused but intrigued, you can find more details on the whole shebang after the break.

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stream me pubg invitational tournament
Stream.Me PUBG Invitational Tournament Announced for Spring

The tournament is a way for to popularize their platform, obviously. They’ve enticed thirty two pro teams with a prize pool of $12500 per region (NA and EU). This means the team that wins first place in either region will go home with $5000. It’s a squad tournament with four person teams, which means the winners will be taking about $1250 each.

But what’s a streaming platform without viewers? The more important part of the equation is what they’re doing to entice you, the consumer. Apart from an exclusive PUBG tournament, of course. Their thing seems to be allowing you to mix and match stuff – you can watch multiple streams at once (in up to 4K, 60fps), combine audio from several streams while watching one, merge chatrooms and such. We’re not quite certain how this is different from watching several Twitch streams in several strategically placed windows, but it won’t hurt to give it a go. Probably.

As for the tournament itself, it will be played on Miramar and Erangel, it will be restricted to first person view and sunny weather. The matches will start at 8PM – Central European Time for the EU bouts, Eastern Standard Time for NA. The first ones are planned for March 9th, so you can check it out yourself and see whether that’s the kind of thing you can get behind.

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