Stronghold 2 Gets Its Own Independent Remastered Steam Version

Stronghold 2 is coming to Steam, independent of the Stronghold Collection that it was a part of. Not only is it a remastered version, but it will have new content. FireFly studios, the game’s developer and publisher, made a video about the new version of Stronghold 2, explaining the seven new features coming with it.

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Stronghold 2 Steam Version New Features

Right now, Stronghold 2 can be only bought on Steam as a part of The Stronghold Collection. This $20 bundle includes Stronghold 2, as well as Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold Crusader Extreme and Stronghold Legends. It is currently on sale until July. With a 50% discount, you can get it for $10.

Stronghold 2 Gets Its Own Independent Remastered Steam Version

If you have this collection, you’ll be happy to know that the developers have not forgotten its owners, and have a whole feature just for them among the seven new features. Here they are:

  • Free for owners of the Stronghold Collection – If you have the collection, you’ll get all the new updates with the remastered version. This will go on, even when the game comes out separately.
  • Steam Multiplayer – The old version of Stronghold 2 used GameSpy Arcade for its multiplayer. A few years ago, their service was disabled and you couldn’t play in multiplayer. This will change with the new version, as it will once again become possible to play multiplayer, as you battle your way up with seven more players.
  • Workshop Integration – Added Steam Workshop Support, allowing users to create maps and what not.
  • New Maps – To include new skirmish maps and free build maps, FireFly studio loaded up the editor for the first time in about ten years.
  • Art Book & Soundtrack – Comes in a digital art book. Contains some never seen interesting concept art, 2D illustration and paintings, with a compilation of the all music in one place. The album is also available on Spotify.
  • Achievements – The bread and butter for some players, Stronghold 2 will include them with the remastered version.
  • Visual Enhancements – As the game was designed back in 2005, it is not suited for widescreen monitors. With the reworked interface, updated textures, improved draw distances and more, it’ll look much better now.

After the first Stronghold that was remastered and released on Steam after its original launch on October 19, 2001, it is now time for the next one. The independent Stronghold 2 Steam edition will come out in summer 2017.

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