Swords of Legends Online Lore Trailer Reveals More Story

Publisher Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon have released a new trailer for Swords of Legends Online. It focuses on the lore and story of the world. The MMORPG draws deeply from Chinese legends, so it’s pretty interesting to see how the game interprets them. The trailer is short, but definitely worth checking out if SOLO tickles your fancy.

swords of legends online lore trailer reveals more story
Swords of Legends Online Lore Trailer Reveals More Story

So, what exactly is the story behind Swords of Legends Online? Well, at first there was chaos, and from that chaos came Pingu, the creator of heaven and earth. Then Pingu died, and his remains turned into pure qi and dark qi. From the former sprouted the good gods: “the virtuous Nüwa, the merciful Shennong, the god of death itself, Yama, and the god that would gift humanity superhuman abilities and immortality, Fuxi.” From the dark qi came “the plague goddess Jiegou, with her army of Blightbeasts and army of foul creatures of the shadow.”

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Now, over in the human world, the Ancestral Sword was forged, “powered by the sacrificed soul of the original wielder’s brother.” The weapon was so incredibly powerful that it could actually hurt gods. Then some a-holes called the Longyuan Clan sacrificed a bunch of innocent people to forge the Seven Ancient Swords using the same recipe, creating basically weapons of mass destruction so bad that the blacksmith was banished to the underworld.

Many generations have since passed, and the gods and swords drifted off into legend. The gods are silent, and the dangers of the ancient past are still alive and well. That being the case, a new generation of warriors has to “awaken the power of the ancient swords and finally put the evil powers of dark qi to rest.” That is, of course, where you step in. You can check out the video below if you want this same basic story told to you in a dramatic voiceover.

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