TFT Set 6 Release Time

The release time for TFT Set 6 is almost here. This brand-new season will bring Gizmos and Gadgets content to the playfield. It is highly anticipated by fans, adding a new dimension to the immersive strategy game. A lot of changes have also been made to items and champion traits. Read on as we discuss the TFT Set 6 release time and date.

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TFT Set 6 Release Time
TFT Set 6 Release Time

Riot Games have given the release date of Set 6 as November 3rd. This will be at 11 am PST time for those in the US. For those in Europe, it will release at 8 pm CEST time.

It may be possible that you can update a few hours before this. However, it is unlikely that the extra content will unlock until the given time.  The game is available on PC, Android, and IOS for free.

Team Fight Tactics Set 6 Release

The new ranked rewards will have a few changes when it starts after the update. Reckoning ranked rewards will come out on the next patch. Anyone who reached gold or higher will get Victorious Nixie, along with the special themed Nixie for anyone who got gold or higher in both halves. Other rewards and emotes are available for competitive play in Hyper Roll.

The ranked season also gets a few changes. Most of this begins in your region when Gizmos and Gadgets go live. Everyone will begin the ranking in Iron II. You will not lose any LP for placements out of the top four in your first five provisional games. You will gain them for finishing in the top four in these provisional games.

Hyper Ratings will be reset to 500. From ranks Iron to Master, there will be no demotion. Platinum I and Platinum II tiers will still have demotion, as will Grandmaster and Challenger.

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