The Signal From Tolva Released, Has a Pretty Launch Trailer

The Signal from Tolva, the latest game from the developers at Big Robot, has been released. You can find it on Steam, Humble and GOG. It’s an FPS set on a distant planet filled with robots. They’ve also released the launch trailer, which explains quite a bit but doesn’t reveal too much.

signal from tolva released
Signal from Tolva

The core of Big Robot are responsible for Sir, You Are Being Hunted, another game about mechanical menace in a strange landscape. This time around, they were joined by writer Cassandra Khaw, 3D artist Olly Skillman-Wilson and others. The point is – they seem to be raising the bar.

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As for the game, it will require you to explore the surface of the titular planet, where three factions of robots fight for dominance. You’ll do this by inhabiting those same robots from the comfort of your spaceship and/or base. You’ll have to investigate and look for the origin of the mysterious signal, which will lead to deciding the fate of the planet. The trailer doesn’t really go into the plot, but it does show off some key elements of the game, like shooting other tin cans, changing your equipment and parts, converting non-believers and such.

Thankfully, there’s more to go on – in case you’re intrigued by what you see in the trailer. Reviews have already started pouring in, and while it’s not going to get the coverage ME: Andromeda did, a handful of big sites were interested enough to give it a go. There’s also more than a few Steam reviews, so there’s a lot of info to help you make a decision.

The Signal from Tolva can be bought from Steam, GOG and the Humble Store, for $20. It’s only available on Windows at the moment, but the developers are looking into making Mac and Linux ports.

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