Tips and Tricks For Surviving in Serum

Serum is a unique survival game that revolves around the titular substance. In it, you take on the role of a man trapped in an area that is swarming with dangers. From mutated wildlife, to toxic substances, and worst of all – a timer implanted in your hand that is constantly ticking down and reminding you that you have only a short amount of time to live. If you want to survive, you are going to need to inject yourselves with Serum. Of course, there’s much more to the game, and the devs have recently shared some of their favorite tips and tricks for Serum, which they think that everyone should know.

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Tips and Tricks For Surviving in Serum
Tips and Tricks For Surviving in Serum

How to Survive in Serum

Serum takes place in a world that has been ravaged by Blight. This is a man-made disaster and the only cure is the Serum itself. In order to survive, you are going to have to take regular doses of this concotion. And to be able to do this, you will first have to craft it. A large part of the game centers around you obtaining the necessary resources for making Serum. This includes picking it from various plants, as well as hunting down the deadly and heavily mutated animals that prowl the game world.

Luckily, you are far from defenseless, since you can craft different kinds of Serum that will imbue you with special powers. Developed by Game Island and published by Toplitz Productions, Serum is scheduled to release later this year, and you can wishlist it on Steam. And below, you can see all the tips and tricks that the developers have shared on how to survive and thrive in the game:

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