Total War: Warhammer Gets 30 New Regiments of Renown for Free

Total War: Warhammer is getting 30 new Regiments of Renown for free, in celebration of the 30th birthday of the developer, Creative Assembly. To receive them, you’ll only need to sign (or log) into Total War Access, and activate the free DLC from the dashboard, starting August 10th. This means you won’t be able to see them before August 10th. The Norsca DLC will launch on the same date.

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The 30th birthday regiments are coming to the following factions, six per each: The Beastmen, The Woold Elves, Chaos, Bretonnia and Norsca.

The Beastmen Regiments of Renown

Destroyer’s of the DrakwaldUngor Spearmen Herd (Shields)Extra melee defence
Black-Horn’s RavagersGor Herd (Shields)Stalk, Vanguard Deploy, Extra Armour + Charge Bonus
Khorrok’s ManrippersBestigorsHalberds, Bonus vs Large, Charge Defence vs Large, Defensive Stats
The Eye of MorrsliebCygorWarp Gaze Ability (Cannot Move Hex)
Sons of GhorrosCentigors (Great Weapons)Guardian Ability (+ Physical Resistance to nearby characters buff), Extra Armour, Magic Attacks
Butchers of KalkengardMinotaurs (Shields)Terror, Regen

Bretonnia Regiments of Renown

Beastslayers of BastonneFoot SquiresHalberds, Charge Defence vs Large, Defensive Stats
The Holy Wardens of La MaisontaalBattle PilgrimsDual Wield (improved offensive stats, Fire/Magic Attacks)
The Companions of QuenellesQuesting KnightsFire Resistance, Blessing of the Lady Ability (Physical Resistance whilst unbroken)
Knights of the LionheartedKnights of the RealmFear, Encourage, Magic Attacks
Defenders of the Fleur-de-lisKnights ErrantFrenzy
Warden’s of MonfortMounted Yeomen (Archers)Poison Attacks

Chaos Regiments of Renown

Mirror GuardChaos WarriorsImmune to Psychology, increased movement speed, Improved melee stats
The Soul of DamnationHellcannonSoul Devourer Ability (Increases Reload Skill When Close to Enemies)
The Daemonspew FForsakenPoison Attacks
Wyrd SpawnChaos SpawnArmour sundering melee attacks, Physical Resistance
Swords of ChaosChaos KnightsSmaller unit size, Apocalyptic Charge Ability (Map-wide Speed/Charge Speed ability), Guardian Ability, Fire attacks
Summoners of RageDragon OgresMagic attacks, Single use Chain Lightning Bound Spell (Becomes available after a set duration in melee)

Norsca RoR

Norsca as faction is available if you pre-order Warhammer 2, or buy it week after the launch. Norsca RoR are free if you have the DLC.

SoulcrusherWar MammothEnrage Ability (Temporary physical resistance ability), Strider
Brutes of the HoundMarauder BerserkersUnbreakable, Fear
Beasts of TashnarNorscan WarhoundsFrenzy, Increased Missile Resistance, Small Bonus vs Large
Mist StalkersFimir WarriorsStalk, Vanguard, Terror
Maws of SavagerySkin Wolves (Armoured)Vanguard Deployment
Icehorn MaraudersMaraudersImmune to Psychology, Immune to Vigour

Wood Elves RoR

Winterheart GuardsEternal Guard (Shields)Unbreakable, Charge Defence vs All
Wild Hunters of KurnousWild Riders (Shields)Guardian Ability
Loec’s TrickstersWardancers (Asrai Spears)Loec’s Shroud Ability (Confer Stalk + speed), Storm of Blades Ability (+ Melee Attack, – Melee Defence)
Hawk-eyes of DrakiraWaywatchersSmoke Bomb Ability, Discouraged Contact Effect on missile attack
Wardens of CythralWildwood RangersSpear & Shield, Vanguard, Stalk, Charge Defense vs Large
Ironbark EldersTreekinFire Attacks, Fire Resistance, Wildfire Aura Ability (Increases nearby units fire resistance)

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