Trust Me, I Got This! is The Perfect Home Repair Game

Here’s something that has the potential to speak to literally every adult person on the globe – a game about being new at home repair. If you have experience around the house, you’ll likely relate to the story of Trust Me, I Got This! – the baby steps, fumbling and destroyed furniture categorized under “learning experiences”. If, on the other hand, you’re the kind to hire a handyman, you’ll get to vicariously live through the downsides of not hiring one, without having to pay for them in wet rugs, chipped mortar and destroyed appliances.

trust me i got this
Trust Me, I Got This! is The Perfect Home Repair Game

Trust Me, I Got This! is one of the many results of last weekend’s Global Game Jam, whose theme was “repair”. It’s the work of a four-man team from the Czech Republic – if the art style looks familiar, it’s probably because it came from the digital brush of Václav Blín, whose name you might’ve seen in the credits for various Amanita Design games, including Machinarium, Samorost and Pilgrims.

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Like most jam games, it’s a simple affair – you have a list of repairs you need to do, a handful of tools strewn across the floor of the cozy room you’re tasked with tidying up, and the main character’s own wit and common sense. As expected, things won’t go exactly the way you’d planned, but you’ll make do. The entire event is set to a backdrop of desperate curses and pleading in Czech – I don’t exactly speak the language, but I could recognize those forlorn, guttural cries across any language barrier. The room comes with a complimentary bottle of wine, so you can pretend to drown your sorrows in that, if you like, while cursing whoever thought putting critical infrastructure like wires and pipes into solid walls was a good idea.

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