Unreal Tournament April 2017 Patch Notes & Highlight Video

Epic Games have released a video to highlight the most important changes they’ve made to Unreal Tournament in the latest update. It is accompanied by the full changelog, to help players discover everything that’s new.

unreal tournament april 2017 patch notes
Unreal Tournament April 2017 Changelog

The biggest changes are:

  • Hidden weapons have been removed. You’ll have normal, lowered and very low weapon view to choose from, but you won’t be able to make them invisible. Fans are speculating this was done to make working on skins less tedious, and it has already caused considerable turmoil in the community.
  • Visually complete Grenade Launcher (improved mesh) with materials and new animations.
  • First person animation work and new positioning options (wall running looks a lot better in FP now).
  • Player animation improvements, including improved taunt and feigning death support.
  • Blitz is the new name for Flag Run, the newest game mode the devs keep working on.
  • Duel rules changes based on competitive community feedback – mercy wins, time limits and other small changes.
  • Streamlined start up process for hub matches, with host control of when the match starts.
  • Map Selection between matches is now done with map vote after all matches except ranked matches, including standalone games.
  • Weapon balance changes (flak cannon, lightning rifle, rocket launcher).
  • Shortened weapon respawn timers.
  • Mouse sensitivity can now be set to below 1, again.

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If you want to check out the full list of changes, you can do so here.

You can download Unreal Tournament for free from the official site. It’s in pre-alpha, but it’s completely playable. The pre-alpha only means the devs keep changing things all the time. Now that Quake Champions is around the corner, it might light a fire under Epic and make them push UT a little harder. At least that’s what we hope will happen, fingers crossed and all.

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  1. M
    Mitch Davis

    It is ridiculous how slow Epic is developing UT. Really bad, by now you would think this game would be in full Beta and getting ready to launch in the fall. But nope. I’ve no expectation that it will even get released in 2018. It’s clear this is a PR program over real development. 🙁

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