Valorant Chat Room Not Connected Error Fix

The “Chat Room Not Connected” is a common error that you can get playing Valorant and there are several solutions you can try to fix it. There’s been no official word yet from Riot Games concerning this persistent error chat room not connected Valorant issue. This is why we’ve decided to put together this Valorant Chat Room Not Connected Error Fix guide which lists all the ways that you can solve this.

Valorant Chat Room Not Connected Error Fix

How To Fix the Chat Room Not Connected Valorant Error

All signs point to this being a standard connectivity issue. Which means that the cause can be either on Riot Games’ side or with your connection. Here is our list of the solutions that can fix this “Chat Room Not Connected” error:

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Log Out of and Back into Valorant

The fist solution is to try logging out of your Valorant account and then logging back in. This is always something that you should try first. The benefits to this solution is that you can quickly jump out and jump back in to continue playing.

Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

Another quick and easy fix. We all have connectivity issues with our router from time to time and restarting it usually clears up any internet stuttering.

Run Valorant As Administrator

Some players have reported that they stopped getting this error once they set up Valorant to run as administrator. To do this, right click on the Valorant icon on your desktop and select the “Run as administrator” option.

Reinstall Valorant

If these other quick fixes do not work, you can always try deleting and reinstalling Valorant.


If you cannot chat, one possible reason for this is that you have been suspended from doing so. You will need to contact Valorant Support to have them lift this suspension.

Check to See if Riot Games Servers are Operational

Valorant could be having server issues or downtime, so your best bet is to check the official Valorant Service Status page to see if there have been any issues on their side.

Contact Valorant Support

If all else fails, you should definitely reach out to Valorant Support for further assistance.

We hope that our Valorant Chat Room Not Connected Error Fix guide has helped you find a solution to this recurring problem. Please note that all of these fixes are not officially endorsed by Riot Games, and that they may or may not work.

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