Warframe Chains of Harrow Update Released on Consoles

Warframe’s Chains of Harrow update has been released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s a fairly large one, with a new frame (which is Warframish for class), a quest to provide some background to it, as well as “minor” things like weapons, enemies and cosmetics. It also marks the first step towards a graphical overhaul.

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warframe chains of harrow update
Warframe Chains of Harrow update

The new frame is called Harrow, and it’s a priest. A robo-priest. With a censer and all. The abilities it has are mostly supportive in nature. One is a wave of energy that roots enemies in place and strengthens the player’s shields. Another uses up your shields to increase reload speed and fire rate, while at the same time applying a life leech effect to your weapon. The censer allows you to grant energy to allies by killing enemies. The last one is a shield that absorbs all damage and gives a critical chance bonus to everyone it protects.

The quest will give you the frame’s origin story, and it will appear in your codex once you’ve finished The War Within and unlocked Mot in The Void. We’ve mentioned a visual overhaul – Digital Extremes are intent on reworking everything, and the first step was Earth. You’ll be greeted with better lightning, improved audio design and more.

There’s also a new Grineer enemy that shoots poison goo and explodes into a toxic cloud upon death. Two weapons have been added – a pistol that increases critical chance when you perform a headshot, and a spear that shoots out corrosive plasma projectiles. Finally, there’s a new Syandana, a tile pack, an instrument pack and more.

If you’ve always wanted to be a space ninja robot priest, now’s your chance. I don’t think there’s a game out there that can compete with this when it comes to adolescent fantasies.

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