XCOM 2 announced with video and screenshots

XCOM 2 Announcement artwork

Turn based tactical game fans rejoice! Sequel to the very well received XCOM: Enemy Unknown is in the making.
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2K and Firaxis are saying that the game is in production for Windows PC platforms and it will take place 20 years after the events of the first XCOM. Humanity lost the war against the aliens and you will be fighting against the odds as member of almost forgotten secret paramilitary organisation XCOM.

We can expect to see procedurally generated levels, modding support, five updated soldier classes, increased soldier customization, more alien and enemy types, evolved tactical combat and more. XCOM 2 will be available for PC and is currently scheduled for release in November 2015. While you wait check out the announcement video trailer bellow as well as some high res screenshots and artwork.

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