New Nioh Trailer featuring Okatsu

Nioh released another trailer, this time in 4K resolution, featuring the beautiful ninja Okatsu. Unfortunately, there are no gameplay elements, only a short conversation between William and Okatsu. Check out the trailer below:

Okatsu is voiced by Emi Takei, a Japanese actress, fashion model, and singer. In the game, she is driven by her hate for the samurai warriors of the Sengoku Era. She appears in a beautiful cloth armor, and she is followed by some kind of spirit rabbit. We can only speculate what her role in the game will be.

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Maybe we will get the chance to play as Okatsu using some kind of ninja combat style to devastate our enemies, or even as a William’s companion in battle. As we saw in the trailer, Okatsu looks very agile, since she very easily jumped over to a roof of a building. There are different spirit guardians in the game that will grant you different combat bonuses, and it’s possible that the rabbit will represent one of them. We will get all our answers upon release.

An interesting fact is that William is based on a real life character, a sailor called William Adams. He was stranded on the coast of Japan in 1598. while sailing a ship for the Dutch East India Company. He is also the first Englishman to ever reach Japan. He couldn’t return to England, and he ultimately became the first-ever Western samurai warrior and an adviser to the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Looks like we will get some deep and interesting story elements in Nioh, coupled with historical events and characters.

Nioh will be released in three consecutive days. The first release is set for February 7, 2017 in North America. Unfortunately, the game will only be released on PlayStation 4 platforms, but hopefully, we will see a Xbox One and PC release in the future.

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