One more Demo for Nioh

Nioh will be getting one more playable Demo on the 21st of January. Unfortunately, it will only last for 48 hours; if you are interested, don’t forget to check your PlayStation store at midnight JST. You can also check for full details HERE.

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One more Demo for Nioh
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Keep in mind that the demo is for Japan only, and there probably won’t be an English version. One great thing is that this Demo will include a Coop component. We will be able to summon other players to aid us in battle. This will be very useful, since Nioh is pretty hard in general and contains some very hard bosses and mini bosses scattered through the map. If you’ve played Dark Souls games, this “problem” will be very familiar to you, and Nioh itself looks very similar to Dark Souls in many ways. The biggest difference is that it is set in the 1600s, in Feudal Japan.

It seems that we will be able to invade other players’ games in Nioh, another great feature from the Dark Souls franchise. We would most definitely like to see some PVP battles that involve more that just two players, like 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3, or even more.

Completing the Demo will also grant you some nice rewards. You will get your hands on Ogress mask, Ogress Mask Recipe, the Onyroma helmet, and the Hinoenma helmet, which you will receive when the full game is released.

The Demo will feature different stages :
  • Tutorial stage, explaining the basic controls and movement mechanics.
  • Futamata Stage – Thoughts on the Week of the Equinox
  • Futamata Stage Twilight Mission – Blood-Soaked Hell Flowers
  • Muneshige Tachibana One-VS-One Mission – Peerless of the West Invitation
  • Online Multiplayer – Visitors Summon and Yokai Realm with a Companion

This should be the last Nioh Demo before the official release on February 7 in North America, February 8 in Europe, and February 9 in Japan.

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