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Nioh developers released a brand new gameplay video, featuring some story elements, combat, exploration and a lot more. The game will be released very soon, and this is a great chance for us to get some new information about the mechanics. You can check out the full 15-minute video below:

At first glance, the game looks really solid. The environment is diverse, and it’s constantly changing, making you rethink your approach and adapt to the environment. First, we saw some gameplay in a cave with a lot of tight corners, limiting your movement range. As soon as you get out of the cave, the game opens up, giving you chance to explore. After you clear a certain area, there will be a ladder for you to go down, thereby making a shortcut if you ever decide to go back.

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There are mines scattered throughout the map. The good thing is that they are visible. They should be avoided, since they will knock you back and deal damage to you.In this gameplay video, we can see some ranged weapons in action. Keep in mind that headshots will deal a massive amount of damage to your enemies. Careful aiming will make the game much easier, since it’s very hard to play in general. Making use of the stealth mechanics can also be very beneficial. Walking slowly behind your enemy and hitting them will also deal a lot of damage.

As we had a chance to see, there are multiple enemies that are a bit harder to kill, like some kind of mini-bosses. Careful planing and execution will be key, since you don’t want to draw any additional enemies into the fight. Stamina managing, careful dodging and blocking will play a key role through your adventure in Nioh. See you all in feudal Japan.

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