The Order: 1886 List of Controls

There are hotkeys for almost every move you perform in The Order:1886, and if you are not familiar with them, it will drastically slow down your gameplay. The following default controls provide shortcuts to many of the most frequently used commands:

The Order: 1886 List of Controls

Movement Controls

  • LS – move
  • RS – Look
  • L3 – move faster (while pushing forward on LS press L3 to move faster)

Cover controls

  • Circle – enter cover
  • LS left / right + circle – move behind nearby cover
  • X – exit cover
  • LS forward + X – hop over cover
  • LS up – peek over
  • LS left / right – peak at edges

Combat controls

  • R2 – fire
  • L2 – aim
  • Click and hold LS to steady your aim temporarily by holding your breath
  • D-pad – weapon selection
  • Melee – Press triangle when near an enemy


  • L1 – activate
  • RS – swap targets
  • R2 – fire


  • Use Ls to move while downed and try to get behind cover
  • Press triangle to drink and revive yourself
  • Press x repeatedly to regenerate health and fill Blacksight meter
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