How to Open Barred Door in Ambrose Manor - Peril on Gorgon

There’s a barred door in the Ambrose Manor in Peril on Gorgon, the first story-related DLC for Outer Worlds. When you approach it, the game will simply tell you it’s barred, with no indication how to get to the other side. If you open up the map and look at the place, which is on the second floor of the mansion, you’ll see there’s definitely a room behind it. If you’ve been banging your head against it, hoping that would help, this guide will show you how to open barred door in Ambrose Manor in Peril on Gorgon Outer Worlds DLC.

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how to open barred door ambrose manor peril on gorgon outer worlds dlc
How to Open Barred Door in Ambrose Manor – Peril on Gorgon

How to enter room with barred door in Ambrose Manor?

The accursed door can be found on the second floor of Ambrose Manor, a few doors down from the master bedroom. It can be accessed through a secret passageway in the kitchen, but that’s easier said than done – the kitchen is locked. To get into it, you’ll need the kitchen keycard. This key card can be found outside the manor, in the groundskeeper’s shack by the landing point to the south. It’s on a shelf to the right of the door.

Once you have the keycard, head back into the tastelessly big house and head into the kitchen. You’ll immediately notice some freezers have been moved to uncover a service tunnel behind the walls. Go into it and climb up the ladder, then follow the corridor until you’re in what looks like an office – a room furnished with a big desk and lots of wall ornaments and displays.

If you open up the map, you’ll notice you are not on the other side of the barred door. Congratulations! This is Olivia Ambrose’s office, in which you’ll find a bunch of loot, some new information and the master bedroom keycard, which will allow you into the last unexplored room of the manor.

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    There’s two barred doors at Ambrose manor. These one in the building next to the landing pad. I can’t find anything about that one. Anyone get in there?

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