Outer Worlds Rest N Go Keycard Locations - How to open Locked Safes

Rest N Go keycards are keys in Outer Worlds. There’s three of them, and they can be used to open the locked safes in the back room of the Rest N Go at Groundbreaker. Each one will be used up after you open a safe with it, so you’ll need all three to loot everything. They’re pretty well hidden, and if you’re not playing a character focused on stealth, you might miss them quite easily. This guide is going to show you all Outer Worlds Rest N Go keycard locations.

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outer worlds rest n go keycard locations
Outer Worlds Rest N Go Keycard Locations – How to open Locked Safes

Where to find Rest-N-Go keycards?

The first one can be stolen from Milo Ottinger, the receptionist at Rest N Go. You’ll need to have sneak at 40 to be able to pickpocket him, and lockpick at 2. His pockets seem to be locked? Maybe he has a zipper? I don’t know. Either way, just sneak up to him and snatch it from his pocket.

The second one is in the storage room of the nearby Spacer’s Choice stand. The stand is directly next to the Rest N Go. Go past the counter where mister light bulb peddles his wares, around the displays, until you reach a locked door. You’ll need lockpick at 15 to crack the lock. Once you’re inside, you’ll find the keycard under the crate next to the shelf.

The last one is in the large bunk bedroom at the customs. As you leave the ship and start going through customs, make a left, then turn right into the bedroom. Turn to your left and look at the far wall – you’ll see a bunch of lockers. The keycard will be in the second one from the right.

Once you have all three, you can loot all the locked safes in the backroom of the Rest-N-Go hotel. There’s some pretty nice stuff in there, and the whole thing won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.

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