OWL Opening Weekend Overwatch 2 Beta Codes Drops

After a long hiatus, the Overwatch League has finally returned. The OWL Opening Weekend is set to kick off this May, with teams and players ready to showcase their Overwatch 2 skills. That’s right, Season 5 will be played on the OW2 beta build. To celebrate the start of the season and give fans an opportunity to try out the beta, Blizzard is also setting up viewership rewards. Tune in during the opening weekend for a chance to earn an OW2 beta code and play the game! Here’s how to get an OW2 beta code drop during the OWL Opening Weekend.

OWL Opening Weekend Overwatch 2 Beta Codes Drops
There will be 1500 beta code drops per hour of OWL Opening Weekend

How to claim Overwatch 2 Beta Codes Drops OWL Opening Weekend

Overwatch 2 Beta codes drops will be available during the Season 5 Opening Weekend of the Overwatch League. The OWL kicks off on May 5th, 2022, and the Opening Weekend will run until May 8th. Over the course of these four days, Blizzard will be dropping 1500 OW2 beta codes per hour of a YouTube stream. Check out the schedule for the Opening Weekend:

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  • LAG vs. NYE (starting at 12 pm PT, 5/5)
  • VAN vs. BOS (starting at 1:30 pm PT, 5/6)
  • WAS vs. TOR (starting at 12 pm PT, 5/7)
  • FLA vs. PAR (starting at 1:30 pm, PT, 5/8)

Any player that watches at least an hour of the stream during the Opening Weekend will be eligible for the beta code drops. But, they are only eligible for drops at the end of that hour in which they watched. That is, you need to watch another hour if you want to have a chance for a code from the next batch of 1500 beta codes.

How to Connect Battle.net and YouTube Accounts

Before you start watching the Opening Weekend, what you first need to do is to make sure that your Battle.net account is linked with your YouTube account. Only then will you be eligible for the drops. In addition, make sure to watch the stream while being logged in with the linked account. Connecting accounts is rather easy, here’s what you need to do:

And that’s it, your accounts are connected! It’s worth noting that asides from beta codes, there will be other rewards for Overwatch players who regularly watch OWL. Read the above linked Viewership Rewards page for more information. Have fun watching the Opening Weekend and good luck with drops!

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