Overwatch Role Queue Coming on September 1st

Overwatch is going to get separate role queues once season 18 rolls around, according to Jeff from the Overwatch team. It’s going to allow people to queue for different roles before a match even begins, and is supposed to help aleviate the stress of making all those important team composition decisions in the 40 seconds before a match starts.

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overwatch role queue
Overwatch Role Queue Coming on September 1st

The new feature will be available in quick play and competitive, and it’ll allow you to separately queue for tank, support or damage. Depending on how things stand on the servers, there will be incentives for those willing to play roles which are sorely needed at the moment. If you decided to use the new feature, each team will consist of two tanks, two damage dealers and two supports. Once you’re in the match, you’ll only be able to choose heroes which fit the role you applied for.

Everyone who decides to use the new queues will get a separate matchmaking rank for each role (both in competitive and quick play), so you won’t have to worry about getting in over your head as a Lucio just because you play a mean McCree. Keep in mind that some heroes, like Brigitte, will be rebalanced to better fit the system. They mentioned her specifically since she really shines as a third healer or tank.

The different role ranks in competitive will also affect your final standing during the season. If you want to see the whole thing explained in detail, watch the video below or head on over to the official site.

Role queues are coming to Overwatch on September 1st, which is when season 18 is supposed to start. You can already give it a go on the public test server on the PC, and there will be a beta season running from the middle of August up to launch.

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