Palworld Best Mining Pals

In our Palworld Best Mining Pals guide, we are going to list the best pals you can use for mining. We’ll begin with the Pal that has the highest Mining stat, and after that, we’ll talk discuss whether that’s the best we can do. As in, does the highest Mining stat really make it the best choice overall. Also, which Pals to put in the mines in the early game. Let’s begin!

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palworld best mining pals
Palworld Best Mining Pals

Best Pals for Mining in Palworld

So, what are the best Pals to use for mining in Palworld? The absolute best one is Astegon; there’s no comparison. It is the only Pal that has level 4 Mining. However, there are two downsides. One, Astegon is a fierce monster, making it difficult to catch. It’s a boss, after all. Two, Astegon has very little other stuff it can do. Sure, it has level 1 Handiwork, which is not exactly super-helpful. If you want a more well-rounded Pal that can also mine effectively, then you gotta go with Anubis. This Pal has level 3 mining, but also level 4 Handiwork and level 2 Transporting. You can see why that’s more useful, right? Plus, you can get an Anubis relatively early through breeding. For more info on that, check out our Palworld Anubis Breeding & Location to Get Early guide.

Other candidates for the best pals to use for mining in Palworld include Reptyro, Ice Reptyro, Menasting, and Digtoise, all of which have Mining at level 3. After that, we get into level 2 Mining Pals, which include Tombat, Dumud, Penking, Quivern, Paladius, Necromus, and both versions of Mammorest. At the bottom of the list are Depresso, Rushoar, Lovander, Maraith, Incineram, Fuddler, and Cattiva. Out of all of these, when it comes to the earliest Pals that can help you with Mining, Cattiva is definitely the best of the bunch. Doesn’t require much food, and aside from level 1 Mining also has Gathering, Handiwork, and Transporting at level 1. It’s one of the most valuable low-level critters you can have in general.

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