Build Fluffy Pal Bed Palworld

Not sure how to build a Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld? While Palworld’s twisted, dark comedy is all about treating your Pals like they are your slaves, if you want your base to grow and improve production, you will need to provide some basic needs and benefits to your Pals. And who knows, you might even let them sleep in good beds. Here’s how to create an improved bed in Palworld, also known as the Fluffy Bed.

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Build Fluffy Pal Bed Palworld
Build Fluffy Pal Bed Palworld

How to Build Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld

As you grow your base and production, your pals will get increasingly more stressed out and require better options for recovery, rest, and relaxation. Hence, if you want to improve your working conditions and make them happier (consequently, make them work better), you will want to start providing them with more advanced resting and relaxing methods. One such way includes building Fluffy Pal Beds in Palworld. However, crafting this type of bed won’t be easy. There are a whole lot of things to unlock, collect and craft before being able to make this bed.

For starters, the Fluffy Pal Bed becomes available for unlocking only at level 24. Your Pals will sleep much better on this bed, improving their Health and Sanity recovery. Here’s what resources you need to craft a single Fluffy Bed:

  • Cloth x10
  • Wood x30
  • Nail x5
  • Fiber x10

In order to make Cloth on the Primitive Workbench, you will need to collect some Wool Lamballs. In order to craft Nails, you will need to collect some ore with the Stone Axe, build a Primitive Furnace, and make ingots. Use those Ingots to make Nails on the Primitive Workbench. You can get Fiber by chopping wood. Once you have it all, head to the construction menu, and under the Infrastructure tab, you will find the Fluffy Pall Bed. Make one!

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