Can You Pass On Lucky Trait When Breeding Pals in Palworld

Is it possible to breed Lucky Pals in Palworld? Aside from catching Pals in the open world or finding their eggs, another way to expand your Pals collection is through the fusion system. Namely, you can breed two Pals of the opposite sex, and they will provide an egg to hatch their offspring. Thus, they can pass on some traits and make an even better Pal. However, will Lucky and Rare Pals pass their trait when breeding in Palworld? Read on as we provide all the information you need to know.

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Can You Pass On Lucky Trait When Breeding Pals in Palworld
Can You Breed Lucky Pals in Palworld

Do Lucky and Rare Pals Pass Their Trait When Breeding in Palworld?

So, let’s not beat around the bush and cut straight to the chase. Is it possible to breed Lucky Pals in Palworld? Luckily for you and them, we have a positive answer. Yes, breeding Rare or Luckly Pals can result in them passing on their traits to offspring. This has been confirmed by several players from the community.

“Lucky can be transferred; I ended up with a Pal that has Lucky, Meathead, and Ferocious. Which is like 65% more attack,” says Reddit user bunnyUFO. Another user, who goes by the name ey_bobby, further explained that a Lucky trait can be passed even if you breed a Lucky Pal with a normal one. “Female Melpaca (Lucky) and Male Nitewing made Vanwyrm,” the user said. “It did transfer the Lucky trait, but not the icon in the Palbox photo.” Thus, we can safely confirm that passing the Lucky trait on to offspring is possible.

The same goes for the Rare trait. A number of members from the community confirmed that the Rare passive skill can be transferred via breeding in Palword. “I passed down Rare on my first Pal breed I did right now,” confirms Reddit user Krobus666. “I had a Lucky Pal and an ‘alpha’ breed.” So there you have it: you can breed both Lucky and Rare, and there is a chance for them to pass their trait. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section!

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