Palworld Gold Chest Locations

In Palworld, you will be doing many things. Dealing with Pets, leveling up, crafting tools, building up your base, and more. With all of that, you are also going to do a lot of exploring. During your exploration of the gameworld, you can stumble upon chests. When you open these, you will be rewarded with thigs such as materials and schematics. As such, it’s definitely worth it to go out of your way and try and find as many of these as you can. And out of all of these, the chests that you can unlock with Gold Keys are by far the most rewarding. Of course, before you can open these, you first need to find them. And to do that, you are going to need to know where you can find these Gold Chests. To help you with this, here are all the best Palworld Gold Chest Locations.

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Palworld Gold Chest Locations
Palworld Gold Chest Locations

Where to Find Gold Chests in Palworld

You can find a Gold Chest in any high-level spot where there is a chest in Palworld. This is randomized in each playthrough of the game, meaning that one time you will come across a Gold Chest, and then after that on a Purple one in the same location. With that said, let’s see some of the spots where Gold Chests appear to be more common than other types of chest. These are: -79, 193 / -33, 239 / -126, 607 / -80, 195 / 431, -345 / 410, -382 / 385, -393 / 326, -401 / -21, -525 / -634, -77. If you have any other great Gold Chest spots, then please feel free to share them with us in the comments.

Do Palworld Gold Key Chests Respawn?

Yes, all the Chests in Palworld respawn after a certain amount of time. We’re not sure exactly how much time it takes for that to happen, but you should re-visit certain spots where you found previous Chests to see if they have respawned. Note, however, that this doesn’t guarantee that you will encounter the same type of chest there again.

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