Palworld PvP Arena Coming Later in 2024

Say what you will about Pocketpair, the developers of Palworld, but they definitely listen to the player base. One of biggest asks that have been going around was an official way to engage in PvP battles. Well, if you’re one of those Pal Tamers, you’re in luck! Pocketpair will be adding a PvP arena later in 2024, and it will let you engage with other players in 3v3 battles. To be more precise, three Pals against three Pals plus the two Tamers.

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palworld pvp arena coming later in 2024
Palworld PvP Arena Coming Later in 2024

It’s one thing to fight computer-controlled Pal Tamers. Even if you do lose to them a few times, eventually, you can kinda predict what they’re going to do. Plus, since they reside in specific Towers, these enemies tend to represent a specific element (much like Gym Leaders in Pokemon). That means it’s only a matter of bringing along Pals that can counter their roster, which remains the same from battle to battle. No matter how difficult the fight may get, there’s no chance you won’t prevail in the end.

Now imagine that you have to cross Pals with a real player in an arena. Things get much more interesting, don’t they? You can’t predict what they’re team is going to look like. There’s no way to predict which Pals they will throw out, what they’ll be armed with, etc. I mean, sure, a meta will emerge at some point, but it will still remain a much more engaging challenge. Three Pals against three Pals, plus their respective Tamers duking it out. That’ll be the true test of one’s mettle for sure.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know when the arena update is going to drop. All the trailer tells us is that it will be coming at some point in 2024, so we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I encourage you to take a gander at the trailer below,, just to whet your appetite.

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