Palworld Thermal Underwear, Cold Resistant Undershirt 1-3 Level

While you can go to most places in Palworld right from the start, there are certain areas where you won’t be able to go until you figure out how to survive there. Specifically, the frozen and volcano areas. This is because you are going to be constantly taking damage while there, from the extreme hot or cold. Luckily, this won’t always be the case, as you can obtain certain equipment that is going to help you become immune to these elements. For Cold, this is Thermal Underwear, and later on – the Thermal Undershirt. Here’s how to get the Thermal Underwear and Cold Resistant Undershirt Level 1-3 in Palworld.

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Palworld Thermal Underwear, Cold Resistant Undershirt 1-3 Level
Palworld Thermal Underwear, Cold Resistant Undershirt 1-3 Level

How to Get Thermal Underwear in Palworld – Cold Resistance Undershirt +1, 2, 3

The first version of this that you are likely to run into is Thermal Underwear +1. You can get this either as a drop from enemies or from chests at the end of a dungeon, or by purchasing it from the Wandering Merchant. But this is only the lowest level of this resistance and as such – won’t protect you from all of the cold damage that you’ll be taking in extremely cold areas of Palworld.

And while the Thermal Underwear is a good place to start with cold resistance, you will soon want to upgrade it. To do this, you’ll need the Thermal Undershirt +2 or +3. Typically, more powerful versions of gear such as this can be found in more high-level areas (Lvl 40+) – in chests at the end of dungeons there. For example, in snow area dungeons, which have a much bigger chance of dropping +2 equipment like the Thermal Undershirt +2. Apart from the Thermal Underwear and the Thermal Undershirt, there’s also the Cold Resistant Pal Armor. When you combine these, you will be completely immune to the effects of cold weather in the game.

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