Eterna City Gym Trainers Pokemon BDSP - Where to Find Gym Trainers in Eterna City

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (Pokemon BDSP for short) is filled with all sorts of characters that you will get to meet. Of course, this being a Pokemon game, you will need to battle many of these. The road to becoming the best Pokemon Trainer is filled with opponents standing in your way, after all. One of the most difficult of these is Gardenia, the Gym Leader in Eterna City. In order to get the chance to battle her, you will first need to find and defeat the four other Gym Trainers there. This is easier said than done, since all of them are “hidden” and can be difficult to find without help. Luckily for you, our Eterna City Gym Trainers Pokemon BDSP – Where to Find Gym Trainers in Eterna City guide is here to show you where each one of them can be found.

Eterna City Gym Trainers Pokemon BDSP - Where to Find Gym Trainers in Eterna City

Where to Find Gym Trainers in Eterna City Gym – Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Once you have gotten to Eterna City (if you are having problems with finding this location, our how to get to Eterna City guide explains how to get there), go to the Eterna City Gym. Once there, you will be informed that, to be able to battle the Gym Leader, Gardenia, you first have to defeat the four Gym Trainers. After talking with Gardenia, proceed to the area behind her.

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This is the area where you will have to locate the four trainers. To find the first one, go directly forward until the end of the map, then turn left and down. The Trainer is there. We’ve marked the location of all the trainers in the screenshot gallery below, so refer to it if you get lost. Next, turn left and continue down. After walking past the two boulders, turn right. The second Trainer is there. To find the third Trainer, go back to where the first Trainer was and leave this row.

Go down, using the same route you used when you first entered. You will need to turn right and find three trees that are different from the rest. This is where the third Gym Trainer is. The fourth and final Gym Trainer is at the eastern edge of the map. Go there and move north until you find the last Trainer. The area in question is surrounded by flowers. After defeating all four Trainers, go to the platform in the north end of the map. You will find Gardenia waiting for you there, and you can now battle her.

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    I’ve reached Eterna City and my next task says to battle the gym trainers. However, after looking in all the hiding places in the guide there are no gym trainers to be found. I’m stuck because the trainers are not appearing in the game. Do you know if this is a glitch or something I need to do first before the trainers will appear? It does not show any other tasks to complete.

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