How to Get Chatot Pokemon BDSP

We’ve written about many different kinds of Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Like any good Pokemon-related game, there are dozens and dozens of Pokemon that you can interact with in Pokemon BDSP. One of these is Chatot, the musical note Pokemon. While it isn’t as difficult to catch as some other Pokemon in the game, it is very rare, appearing at only a couple of locations in the game. If you want to get it, but don’t know where you need to look for it, our How to Get Chatot Pokemon BDSP guide is here to help you out.

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How to Get Chatot Pokemon BDSP

Where to Find Chatot Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Chatot is a pretty rare Pokemon. You can encounter it in the wild only in two locations: Route 222 and Route 224. The odds of encountering it are pretty low, but it’s important to point out that it only spawns during the day. At nighttime, it isn’t possible at all to encounter it there, so don’t even bother with attempting to find it after dark. It is especially vulnerable to Electric, Rock, and Ice-type Pokemon, so these are very useful to use against it in battle.

If you do not want to waste your time grinding to get it – since this can take a lot of effort until RNG smiles in your favor – there is another way you can acquire it. First, go to Eterna City. Once there, find and enter the Eterna City Condominiums. Inside, you will come across a boy. He will offer to trade his Chatot for your Buizel. The Buizel is a much more common Pokemon. You can catch one at Route 213, Route 205 North and South, and Valley Windworks – where it is particularly common. As such, you can easily trade it in for a Chatot and still manage to get yourself another one.

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