Pokemon GO Adventure Week Event Details, Focuses on Rock Types

There’s a new Pokemon GO event in the works. To “honor the memories created so far”, Niantic is launching Adventure Week. During the event, PokeStops will dispense more items, and Poke Balls will be 50% off in the store. Rock-type Pokemon will spawn at an increased rate, as well, and there’s a new hat you can pick up.

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Pokemon GO Adventure Week Event Details, Focuses on Rock Types
Pokemon GO Adventure Week Event Details, Focuses on Rock Types

Niantic is cooking up a new event for Pokemon GO trainers to enjoy. The happening is not one of the seasonal events, nor is it yet time for the first-anniversary shindig. Instead, they simply want to pay homage to the many different experiences that the trainers have had so far. According to Niantic’s post, on May 11th, trainers have walked a combined 15.8 billion kilometers, which is a distance well beyond out solar system (the distance to Pluto was exceeded back in December). A little celebration is well-deserved.

Adventure Week, as the event’s called, will start on Thursday, May 18th (1 P.M. PDT) and end on May 25th (also 1 P.M. PDT). During the event, there’ll be a bunch of perks for the participating trainers. First off, you’ll get more items from spinning Photo Discs at PokeStops, and the in-game store will offer a 50% discount on Poke Balls. Additionally, your Buddy Pokemon will find Candies four times faster during the event. Also, you can pick up the Adventure Hat in the store once Adventure Week is up.

There’s one more thing, and that’ll probably be the main draw of Adventure Week. During the event, rock-type Pokemon will have an increased spawn rate. Expect to see Kabuto, Omanyte, Onyx and the like, as well as their evolutions. You might even run across an Aerodactyl or two.

In the post, Niantic encourages trainers to snap their experiences with the AR camera and share it on social networks. That, however, is totally up to you. And, as always, stay safe and don’t trespass!

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