Pokemon GO Aggron Weakness, Best Moveset

The best Aggron moveset and weakness in Pokemon GO are important to know if you’re going to use this Pokemon in your team. It is a fairly versatile combatant that has many strength against a plethora of enemies, especially if decked out with the right moves. However, while it does have few weaknesses, they are quite major, making it useless against certain types. So, let’s dive straight in.

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pokemon go aggron weakness best moveset
Pokemon GO Aggron Weakness, Best Moveset

Aggron Weakness, Best Moveset Pokemon GO

The weakness and best moveset of Aggron in Pokemon GO, naturally, revolve around the type of Pokemon it is and how it fits within a team. So, let’s start with the basics. Aggron is a Steel / Rock Pokemon, meaning that it’s resistant to Rock, Bug, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy damage, very resistant to Normal and Flying, and nigh invulnerable to Poison. However, it is very weak against Water (160% damage), and extremely weak to Fighting and Ground attacks (256% damage). As for its role in a party, you can use Aggron both on the offense and defense, since it can both tank and dish out very respectable DPS. Therefore, we’re gonna suggest a build for both eventualities. Please keep in mind that you’re free to make a build of your own and share your preferences in the comments.

Even with the best Pokemon GO Aggron moveset, be wary of its weakness list, especially if you plan to use it to tank. It is very strong against many types, but Water, Fighting and Ground can easily pulverize it. Anyway, if you want to focus on offense, then your best bet is Iron Tail as the fast attack and Heavy Slam as the charged attack. This is the ideal combo for DPS in both Gyms and PvP battles. The more defensive build swaps Iron Tail for Smack Down. Mind you, all three of these are weak against either Fighting, Water or Ground Pokemon, but then again, you should never, ever have Aggron fighting those in the first place. On the flipside, they are very effective against Pokemon types that Aggron is strong against in the first place.

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