All Hisuian Pokemon in Pokemon GO

In our All Hisuian Pokemon in Pokemon GO guide, we’re going to cover every Pokemon from Legends Arceus that’s currently in the game and coming in the near future. There aren’t many of them, but they all look pretty distinct and cool in their own ways. So, let’s not think about how the heck they managed to time-travel into the future and begin with the guide portion.

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all hisuian pokemon in pokemon go
All Hisuian Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO All Hisuian Forms Available

UPDATE: Hisuian Braviary will make its debut in Pokemon GO in Raids on July 31st from 1 AM to 2 PM local time.

At time of writing, there are two Hisuian Pokemon forms available in Pokemon GO, but it’s going to be five really soon. The first of the bunch to arrive was Voltorb, back in January 2022. It had an event all to itself, in fact. Then came Electrode in February, in the Go Tour Poke Ball Prep Rally event. They were a great crossover to promote Pokemon Legends Arceus. Electrode and Voltorb in that game look like Hisuian PokeBalls; in other words, they look like they’re made of wood. Makes sense, considering that Arceus takes place in the past.

Well, that roster is soon going to expand to include Hisuian Growlithe, Qwilfish and Sneasel. They will make their debut in the upcoming Hisuian Discoveries event, which is going to take place from July 27th to August 2nd. As you can see in the image above, the Hisuian Pokemon are easy to tell apart from their regular Pokemon GO counterparts. The Growlithe has a funky sixties hairdo and Sneasel is gray and purple instead of greenish-blue and red. Lastly, the Hisuian Qwilfish’s top half is black with purple barbs and lips, and its tail has the number nine on it.

So, those are all the Pokemon GO Hisuian Pokemon that you’ll be seeing in the near future. Will Niantic add more of them in the future? I think it’s quite likely. Arceus was the first game in a long while to shake things up a bit, and it had plenty of interesting variants of familiar Pokemon (and a few new ones). It’d be silly not to make use of those fresh ideas.

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