Pokemon GO Burmy Evolution 2023

In our Pokemon GO Burmy Evolution 2023 guide, we are going to show you how to evolve Burmy into the four different Pokemon it can become. The problem here is figuring out how it all works, because the system is not too intuitive. Once you know what you’re supposed to do, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Here’s how it goes.

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pokemon go burmy evolution 2023
Pokemon GO Burmy Evolution 2023

How to Evolve Burmy in Pokemon GO

There are four different ways to evolve Burmy in Pokemon GO in 2023, and the first evolution we’re going to cover is Mothim. To get this Pokemon, you need to feed fifty Burmy Candies to a male Burmy of any type. Reminder, there are three different versions: Trash, Sandy and Plant. So, whenever you evolve a male Burmy, you will get a Mothim. As far as females go, every different type has a different evolution. A female Plant Burmy evolves into Plant Wormadam, Sandy into Sandy Wormadam, and Trash into Trash Wormadam. In each one of these cases, you’ll need fifty Burmy Candies and nothing else. Which is good, because you’ll have to do plenty Burmy hunting to get the four different ones you’ll need to complete your Pokedex.

So that’s how you evolve Burmy in Pokemon GO in 2023 and the different types of evolution it can have. Fortunately for you, at time of writing, you have a great opportunity to “stock up” on the various versions of Burmy. I am, of course, talking about the Festival of Colors. It will take place from March 8th to March 14th, 2023 and offer a lot of fun activities. This includes the Collection Challenge which actually encourages you to collect all the different types of Burmy. Be sure to make the most of it. Of course, don’t forget the two Pokemon making their debut, Bruxish and Mega Medicham. And, of course, have fun!

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