Pokemon GO Burn Drive Genesect, Techno Blast Missing Explained

In our Pokemon GO Burn Drive Genesect, Techno Blast Missing Explained guide, we are first going to give you the details on the current Fire Genesect five-star Raid event. Then, we will cover why the Techno Blast TM is missing from the Genesects you capture during the current five-star Raid spell. Don’t worry, it’s not a glitch; there’s more to it.

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pokemon go burn drive genesect techno blast missing explained
Pokemon GO Burn Drive Genesect, Techno Blast Missing Explained

Pokemon GO Genesect with a Burn Drive Raid

The current Pokemon GO Genesect with a Burn Drive Raid event will take place from Saturday, September 16th to Saturday, September 23rd at 10 AM local time. During the event, you’ll meet the Fire-focused Genesect in five-star Raids. There will also be a Raid Hour on September 20th from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. Now, the only reason to go for the Burn Drive Genesect Raid, aside from the obvious bragging rights, is that it can learn the Fire version of Techno Blast. Beyond that, you can skip the whole event without missing out on anything important. However, the terminology of Genesect types and the Techno Blast’s availability has been causing a lot of confusion among the fan base. Namely, the Genesects you get during this Raid event don’t seem to have the Techno Blast. Why is that? Well, let’s explain.

Pokemon GO Genesect Techno Blast Missing Explained

The first thing we have to cover about Genesect in Pokemon GO is that the Burn Drive isn’t a move like Techno Blast is. Burn Drive is a form that Genesect can have, one of five. You’ll know that you got one of them if the little notch on the back cannon is red. As for Techno Blast, it’s a specific Charged Attack that only Genesect can learn, and its type depends on which Genesect you have (in this case, it’d be Fire). Problem is, your Pokemon can only learn this move during specific events or by you using an Elite Charged TM. And this current spell of Burn Genesect Raids doesn’t feature Techno Blast as an event bonus, which is why it’s “missing.” You’ll just have to wait for a different event, or spend that Elite Charged TM if you don’t want to wait.

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