Pokemon GO Campfire Guide

In our Pokemon GO Campfire guide, we are going to explain what the app is and how to use it in PoGO. Campfire is basically Niantic’s proprietary app that works with all their games, and its function is to facilitate finding (and communicating with) fellow players. Not that it doesn’t have its downsides, and it’s definitely not what Trainers have been asking for, but hey. It’s something.

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pokemon go campfire guide
Pokemon GO Campfire Guide

What is Campfire Pokemon GO

Campfire is Niantic’s social app that works across and connects you with people across all their games, including Pokemon GO. Now they’ve made it available for everyone. Yes, it is a whole different app that you have to download and install, which is annoying. In fact, Trainers have not been exactly positive towards the launch of Campfire for everyone, especially because the app still doesn’t work quite right. Still, though, it offers a way for you to easily host or join a Raid. Just, you know, exercise appropriate caution. It could turn out to be just some creeper trying to lure people in. I’m not being sarcastic; be careful who you decide to join.

How to Use Campfire in Pokemon GO

There are two ways to use Campfire in Pokemon GO: hosting a raid and joining a raid. If you want to host a raid, download the app and log in. Then, follow the steps to link it to your Pokemon GO account. Tap “Team Up” and then select Host Raid. The app will search for nearby Trainers and prompt you to add them as friends. Once you do that, go into Pokemon GO and invite the new people to join the raid.

If you’re looking to join a raid instead, just follow the same steps up to the point after you tap “Team Up” and select Join Raid instead. The app will then match you with the host and other Trainers that want to participate. As the announcement says, you can even “communicate via preset messages with all the Trainers in your group to help with coordination.”

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