Pokemon GO Earth Day Cleanup Worldwide Event Announced

Niantic is partnering up with Mission Blue and other partners to host a huge, worldwide cleanup event this Earth Day. The whole shebang will take place on April 22nd, and the more trainers participate globally, the bigger the worldwide rewards for everybody.

Pokemon GO Earth Day Cleanup Worldwide Event Announced
Pokemon GO Earth Day Cleanup Worldwide Event Announced

Fellow Pokemon GO trainers, want to do a little bit of good for the planet, and earn some in-game rewards, too? Well, according to a new announcement on Pokemon GO Live, Niantic is planning a cleanup event for this year’s Earth Day. They’re partnering up with Mission Blue, which is an organization “dedicated to protecting the oceans.” The event will take place on Earth Day, April 22nd, in many places all across the globe. Trainers will be tasked with cleaning up the environment by picking up trash and the like. The more people join in, the more rewards everybody will get.

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The post goes further into detail about the rewards that you can get if enough people join in on the event. If 1.500 trainers participate worldwide, the reward will be 2x catch Stardust for Grass-, Water-, and Ground-type Pokemon for forty-eight hours. If the event gathers 3.000 people across the globe, then the reward will go up to three times the Stardust for catching the aforementioned Pokemon. Currently, according to the Earth Day event page, there are thirty-seven locations across twelve countries, with ten partners hosting / organizing.

If you visit the event page we’ve linked above, you can check out the different event locations that are nearest to you. However, it can easily turn out that there isn’t one near you. If that is the case, and you happen to know of an NGO that could host a cleanup event, you can submit your suggestion there. Or, you can just make a direct donation to Mission Blue.

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