Pokemon GO Easter Event Predictions - What Can We Expect

One of the greatest allures of Pokemon GO are the seasonal and holiday events. Some people expected something to happen for April Fool’s, but nothing did. So, the next logical step would be an Easter event, and if any of the rumors surrounding it happen to be true, we’re gonna be in for a fun time.

Pokemon GO Easter Event Predictions - What Can We Expect
Pokemon GO Easter Event Predictions – What Can We Expect

So far, Niantic hasn’t officially announced anything concerning a possible Easter event. Not even dataminers have managed to dig up anything interesting from the latest Pokemon GO update. However, that didn’t stop trainers from speculating and theorizing, so let’s do some of our own, shall we?

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First off all, the obvious connection between Easter and Pokemon GO is eggs. What could this mean in practice? Well, some of the more obvious solutions might be extra XP for hatching eggs, faster hatching and/or extra Incubators for, say, the first spin of the day. It might also have something to do with Baby Pokemon, though we did have a similar event recently. We could also get an increased hatching rate of Shiny Pokemon (if indeed they do hatch at all).

Now, there is a possibility that Niantic will completely ignore the Easter side of things and focus more on the spring aspect, i.e. warmer weather and the chance to get the trainers out and about. We’ve recently covered a Pokemon GO blog post by Niantic concerning their BAFTA award for Best Mobile and Handheld Game. In the post, they hinted that “players can look forward to all new cooperative social gameplay experiences”. It’s pretty vague, yes, but it might suggest that a reworking of Teams to increase the importance of working together is in store.

Another interesting aspect would be how long the event might last. We’re in Easter week already, and nothing yet. The event, if it does happen at all, might kick off on Thursday or Good Friday. Ideally, we’d get a full, seven-day-long event. We can hope.

What would be your expectations for a potential Pokemon GO Easter event? Share with us in the comments!

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